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Space on Tap is fast becoming recognised as the North East’s go to place for space. We help North East people to discover the space they need to run their business.

If you have space yourself, you probably want to get more people using it. With our extensive range of services and prices to suit every budget, we can help you to Fill Your Space.

  • Space for short-term hire
    Offices, meeting rooms training venues, conference facilities, hot-desks
  • Space for rent or lease
    Offices, studios, retail units, co-working space, workshops, storage space
  • Public places & Cafes with WIFI
    Cafes, business lounges, community spaces
  • Business services
    Business address, telephone answering service, secretarial support, virtual office services
  • Storage Space
    Space for short or long-term storage, from a single rack to a whole warehouse unit
  • Co-working Space
    Collaborative workspace that enables you to connect with other people and businesses while you work

Perfect Places Directory

Help more people to discover what you have to offer through the Perfect Places Directory with our three service options:

We really have something to suit every budget.

See How Our Packages Compare Help Me Decide
Cost £3.75/WK £1.85/WK 70p/WK
Book Extra spaces for only £1.85/WK 85p/WK 45p/WK
Fully searchable on location & facilities YES YES YES
Venue listed in search results YES YES YES
Improved SEO for your own website YES YES YES
Extensive use of social media YES YES YES
Enquiries directed to you YES YES YES
*No commission* to pay on bookings! YES YES YES
Direct links to your website YES YES YES
Regular reports showing user preferences YES YES YES
Reports showing demand for your space YES YES YES
Open access to any user of spaceontap.com YES YES YES
Individual spaces listed in search results YES YES NO
FREE entry into PinPoint Place Finder YES YES NO
Feature page designed for each space YES NO NO
Dedicated url for each space featured YES NO NO
Up to 6 images to showcase your space YES NO NO
Thumbnail image on search results YES NO NO
Targeted promotion of your space YES NO NO
Enquiry button to record enquiries for you YES NO NO
Space of the Week/Month promotion YES NO NO
Downloadable vouchers to drive traffic YES NO NO
Independent review of your space YES NO NO
Monitored user reviews YES NO NO
Google map and locator YES NO NO
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Re-Think Your Space

Building on many years of experience our ‘Re-Think Your Space’ service can provide you with a fresh pair of eyes and an up-to-date perspective on today’s fast-moving space marketplace to give you the best possible chance of making your space work for you.

We can help you to evaluate your own marketing approach and the added value services you deliver to make sure you can reach and retain valuable customers.

The Re-Think Your Space service is designed entirely to fit your needs, with prices starting from only £45.

 Re-Think Your Space Services
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 Make Your Place a HotSpot
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Colleagues on Tap Associate Scheme

The Colleagues on Tap Associate Scheme can bring a new dimension to your space promotion activity, particularly if you have hot-desking space or larger office space that isn’t being used, or you’re thinking about moving into the Shared Workspace or Co-working marketplace.


Making the Most of Social Media

social media icons

If you've been thinking about using Social Media to promote your services, but haven't quite managed it yet, you've come to the right place!

In just a couple of hours we can help you to work out whether, and how, social media could help you to achieve your goals by connecting you with potential customers, associates or suppliers that are escaping you so far.

After a focused two to three hour session, you'll be really clear about whether social media can help your business, and if so how. You'll also know which social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn) you should be using for the greatest impact, and what to do next to get you started.

“Thank you for delivering such a great social media session. Everyone was very positive about the training and we all definitely came away with a much better understanding of social media.”, Manager of a Newcastle Charity, one of our Happy Customers


Improve the profile of your business through advertising with Space on Tap. As well as taking advantage of substantial website traffic, we can also promote your product or service through a range of direct and online marketing, including sponsorship of regular bulletins, newsletters and events.


Research & Consultancy

From short polls to extensive in-depth demand studies, feasibility studies and business planning, our Research and Consultancy service can help you to understand the needs of your marketplace better, and position you to make the most of the opportunities ahead of you.

With hundreds of registered members and thousands of space users at our finger-tips, and a solid reputation for developing strategies that enable change, we are well placed to help you to get your business model right.

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Subscription Details

Note: If you'd like to list more than one venue, please contact us about preferential rates

Terms & Conditions

Space on Tap Ltd (Space on Tap) is the owner and operator of www.spaceontap.com (the Website).  Space on Tap is registered in England under Company number 702374. The registered business and mailing address is 2/3 Robinson Terrace, Washington, Tyne & Wear NE38 7BD.


Space on Tap will provide services through its Perfect Places Directory as set out in the Agreement between Space on Tap and the Customer.  Services will include listing space, business services and/or venues on the Website (the Listing) through any or all of the following, as set out in the Agreement:  Spotlight Service; Highlight Feature; PinPoint Place Finder.  Details of each service and associated features are as described on the Website and associated promotional literature and correspondence, and may change from time to time.  Wherever possible changes made will serve to enhance the service already provided.

The Listing

Space on Tap:

will use reasonable commercial efforts to maintain the availability of the Website twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week;

has the right and sole discretion to decline to publish or to omit, suspend or change the position of any Listing accepted by it;

may refuse or require to be amended any artwork, materials or copy for or relating to a Listing to comply with the company’s legal or moral obligations or to avoid infringing a third party's rights or any statutory or regulatory requirements;

reserves the right at any time during the Contract period to remove the Listing from the Website if it considers the Listing breaches any applicable laws or the rights of any third party or is prejudicial to the interests of Space on Tap and/or its business.

Content and copywriting

Space on Tap will prepare content and copywriting on behalf the Customer (‘Content’), based on information provided by the Customer and through Space on Tap’s own observations and assessment.  All Content will be prepared in good faith, and for guidance only; the Customer is responsible for ensuring its accuracy, and Space on Tap shall have no liability for it whatsoever. 

Space on Tap will make every effort to ensure that Content is up to date, and in the event that errors are identified these will be rectified as soon as practically possible; Space on Tap accepts no responsibility for any errors whatsoever that arise during the course of publication of any Listing.

Space on Tap may, from time to time, request information from the Customer, for example information for inclusion in features and promotion, and data relating to enquiries and bookings received as a result of promotional activities.  The Customer will provide the requested information within the timescales agreed, and will ensure that all information provided is accurate, both at the time of issue and subsequently.

Except as provided in this Contract, Space on Tap retains all copyright and intellectual property rights for Website Content created by Space on Tap (including photographs and images).  The Customer retains all copyright, title and interest to Listing Content provided to Space on Tap.

For the purpose and duration of the Listing the Customer grants a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use, publish and reproduce the Customer’s name, logo, trademarks and brands to the extent necessary to enable Space on Tap to comply with its obligations under this Contract.

Member Reviews

Registered Members (Members) of Space on Tap may be invited by Space on Tap and the Customer to provide their own independent review to add to a Listing. Reviews will be moderated by Space on Tap prior to publication, however publication of a Member Review on www.spaceontap.com will not signify Space on Tap’s agreement with, or endorsement of, the views expressed in the Member Review, and Space on Tap will have no liability whatsoever for the content of any Member Review.


Should the Customer agree to special promotions in the form of vouchers to be displayed and issued by Space on Tap, the Customer undertakes to honour any offer specified in the voucher as long as this has been agreed with the Customer in advance of promotion.

The Customer may from time to time be requested to promote their association with Space on Tap through the Customer’s own website and by displaying publicity material at the Customer’s place of business.  Should the contract between the Customer and Space on Tap be terminated, such promotion should cease other than with the express agreement of Space on Tap.


The Space Provider agrees that he shall not compete with the business of Space on Tap during the term of the Contract or upon the termination of this Contract, for a term of 12 months thereafter.

Term and Termination

The Listing will be included in the Website for the term stated in the Agreement, or as otherwise expressly agreed by Space on Tap.  Space on Tap may terminate this Contract immediately, by giving written notice if the Customer:

fails to pay any amount due under this Contract on the due date for payment and remains in default not less than seven days after being notified in writing to make such payment; or commits a breach of any material term of this Contract and (if such breach is remediable) fails to remedy that breach within a period of 14 days after being notified in writing to do so. 


Space on Tap will not be liable to the Customer for any Consequential loss arising under this contract, and in any event its total liability would not exceed 100% of the total fees (exc VAT) paid by the Customer during the preceding twelve month period.

The Customer undertakes to keep Space on Tap fully and effectively indemnified against any liability which the Customer may suffer or incur as a result of any Listing, the infringement of any intellectual property rights of any third party, or by reason of any breach or non-fulfillment of any of the Customer’s obligations in respect of this Contract.

Data Protection

Each party undertakes to comply with its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.