What is Co-working?

Co-Working is nothing new.  It’s been happening for centuries;   people working alongside each other, as colleagues, giving each other support, encouragement and ideas. 

Co-Working has now adopted a new meaning for people who usually work alone, or run their business from home.    

Through co-working you can make new business connections while you work, gain new business knowledge (it’s a great way to find out the things you didn’t know you didn’t know!), and receive motivation or support for that burning ambition or brand new idea.

Find out why co-working’s good for small and home-based business here

Getting involved in Co-working doesn’t mean giving up working from home.  Although permanent Co-working space is now available, you can also benefit from Co-working on an occasional basis, whenever you could do with a change of scene. 

Try out Co-working with Colleagues on Tap

Co-working Spaces

Co-working space is another name for collaborative workspace. As well as access to everything you need to get working (desk, chair, wifi and usually coffee) you should also be able to connect with other people and businesses while you work (usually with help from the space manager). Space on Tap is working with providers of space to increase the number of Co-working spaces in the North East.

Discover Co-working Spaces through the Perfect Places Directory

If you have space that’s sitting empty, and you think it has the potential to be transformed into a Co-working Space, please get in touch – we’d love to help.   

Space on Tap can help you to Design and Plan your Co-working Space to make it the perfect place for local businesses to connect, and through our unique Colleagues on Tap Associates Scheme we can help you to Fill Your Space too! 

Find out more about how we can help you to Fill Your Space here

Colleagues on Tap Co-working days

colleagues on tap If you work from home or in a small team, and would like a change of scene or just to have some people around you now and then while you work, Colleagues on Tap co-working days are perfect for you.  100% of past Co-workers have said they’ve made new contacts while they worked, and almost everyone tells us that they still manage to get as much, if not more, work done as they do at home.

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At Colleagues on Tap Co-working days you’ll get a workspace for the day with wifi, a place to relax when you want to get away from desk, and you can participate in our popular ‘SpoT chat’ after lunch on a current business topic if you want to. 

View video blogs of Colleagues on Tap Co-workers

Colleagues on Tap Associate Scheme

If you’d like to run your own Colleagues on Tap Co-working days to help you to Fill Your Space by connecting with the people who are running small and home-based businesses in your area, you can! 

The Colleagues on Tap Associate Scheme gives you everything you need to run your own successful  Co-working days, giving you the benefit of the experience we’ve gained from running these events since June 2010 and using the already well-known Colleagues on Tap brand. 

As a Colleagues on Tap Associate you can use our online ‘how to’ guide to help you to plan and deliver brilliant days that make sure people want to come back to your space again and again, and we can even help you to promote your day and come along to your first event to help out if you’d like us to.

Get in touch to find out more about becoming a Colleagues on Tap Associate

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