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Home-based business, do you plan to move out soon?

7th October 2011

It's often assumed that businesses are only home-based because they have no other choice.  We're keen to find out if that's really the case.  VOTE HERE NOW!

  • Happy Customers

    Colleagues on Tap provides just the right balance of work and chat

    Jo Singh, Virtual Sidekicks

    In the past I have always been either running events or attending on behalf of an organisation so to be at a Colleagues on Tap co-working day just for me was both refreshingly cathartic and a little bit scary!

    Fortunately I don't mind a little bit of healthy fear and I feel like I gained a great deal from the day, not only getting out of my home office and chatting to other adults, but hearing about other people's businesses and issues helped me clarify what was bugging me and also gave me a little inspiration.

    I really liked the format of the day, it was just the right balance of work and chat the relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere you created made the 'networking' side of it unforced and more genuine. 

    Jo Singh, Virtual Sidekicks