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Location: Newcastle Business Village Clavering House NE1

26th March 2013


Office Club co-working space at Newcastle Business Village hot-desking

On TUESDAY 26TH MARCH, join in with another Colleagues on Tap day at Newcastle Business Village at Clavering House, next to the Central Railway Station in Newcastle NE1.


For only £20 (or only £16 if you book 2 events) you'll get a workspace with fast WiFi, a really tasty lunch, refreshments throughout the day, and information, advice and support from your fellow co-workers that could help you and your business. 


What can you expect?

Come along for a workday at Newcastle Business Village in Newcastle City Centre, arriving any time in the morning that suits you (we'll be there from 8.30 am but don't feel pressured to be an 'early bird!').  Bring your laptop, your paperwork, or even something a bit more creative - whatever work you need to do that day.

hot-desking in Newcastle city centreIf you normally work at home you'll get a real boost from a change of scene and from being in the company of some great people

The morning tends to be heads-down and cracking on with your business (there's always great coffee/tea on the go, on tap!). Lunch will be ordered for you - choose from a menu - then after lunch you will be invited to join an optional group chat for about an hour.

The 'SpoT chat' sessions are really informal and provide a great opportunity for sharing ideas and experiences with your coworkers, and to eat home-made chocolate brownies!

For the rest of the afternoon you can get back to work, or network with your new contacts - it's up to you, and you're welcome to leave any time from 2.30 pm, after the SpoT Chat, and 4.30 pm (or stay later if you wish - The Office Club is open 'til 5.30 pm.

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  • Happy Customers

    Space on Tap is a brilliant idea!

    Sandi Byrne, Positive Health

    I think SpaceonTap is a brilliant idea and welcome the lessening of the hunt for space!