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Location: Newcastle Business Village Clavering House

15th April 2013

Office Club co-working space at Newcastle Business Village hot-desking

The coworking day taking place on MONDAY 15TH APRIL at Newcastle Business Village at Clavering House,  has now SOLD OUT.

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  • Happy Customers


    Peter Berrie, Corporate Business Manager


    I have found Space on Tap to be a brilliant resource when I want to arrange an offsite meeting for my team. 
    It’s a “one stop shop” for finding both high quality and interesting places to hold business or indeed social events.  I have discovered a number of convenient venues that I simply didn’t know offered their rooms for private events. 
    No longer do I need to “Google” for hours on end to find the local space I need – I simply turn to Space on Tap instead. 
    I have found Space on Tap people to be very approachable and keen to help as well.
    Peter Berrie, Corporate Business Manager