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Exposed ... Colleagues on Tap is good for business!

3rd February 2013

People who work for themselves often work by themselves.  In this short presentation, Jayne Graham, Founder and Director of Colleagues on Tap, explains how co-working can be a welcome antedote to the isolation many businesses face when they work alone, and provides some real life examples of people in the North East of England whose businesses have already benefited from Colleagues on Tap and co-working.  


Thank you to everyone who has willingly contributed their experiences to this presentation.

Find out more about Colleagues on Tap co-working days, and other resources for people working for themselves at

  • Happy Customers

    Your business is onto a real winner

    Bridget Shea, Pen and Tonic

    I think your business is onto a real winner - a well needed resource,

    Thank you!

    I will definitely book these venues in the future!